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The Credit Union Difference

Being a member offers you many benefits!

  • Friendly, personalized service
  • Great rates
  • Payroll deduction
  • Fast loan approval
  • Local
  • Helpful
  • Accommodating
  • Financial partnership

Couple signing loan agreement at the bank

Our History

The credit union idea is a simple one: People should be able to pool their money and make loans to each other. It's an idea that evolved from cooperative activities in 19th century Europe. Since that time, the idea's guiding principles have remained the same:

  • Only people who are credit union members should borrow there
  • Loans are made for "prudent and productive" purposes
  • A person's desire to repay (character) is considered more important than the ability (income) to repay

Members are, after all, borrowing their own money and that of their friends. These principles still govern most of the world's credit unions. As the 20th century began, the credit union idea surfaced in Canada. Canada's successful efforts profoundly influenced two Americans: Pierre Jay, the Massachusetts banking commissioner, and Edward A. Filene, a Boston merchant.

Our Mission

We create an evironment for financial success for our members by providing the best-available financial tools, solutions, and positive impacts at all touchpoints.