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Fee Schedule

Effective as of  3/01/2021
Regular Share Account$5.00 for eight or more share withdrawals in same calendar quarter
Money Market Share Account$5.00 if more than three withdrawals in one calendar month
Account Research$20.00 per hour
Bill Pay$8.00 (free is 3 transactions or more per month
Returned Mail with address correction$2.00 per item
Non Sufficient funds/Courtesy Pay$30.00 per item
Certified Checks$15.00 (1 free per month)
Domestic Third Party Wire$15.00 per item
Dormancy Fee$2.00 per month after inactivity for 12 months
Escheat Fee$50.00 per account
Deposit Item Returned$25.00 per item
Levy Process$10.00 per levy
Garnishment$50.00 per garnishment
IRA transfer to another institution$50.00 per account
Stop payment on ACH or Share Draft$15.00 per item
Pre authorized stop form Visa$30.00 per item